Welcome to the RoadScout Authorized Reseller Program!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a RoadScout Authorized Reseller. We take great pride in the quality of the services and solutions we provide and the same goes for our reseller network. We look for people with a passion for mobile technology and an appreciation for how it can help better serve businesses. Our system tracks referrals and we pay you for every new client you send our way. It's really that easy.

How it works:

  • Sign up by clicking the Join now button above. Once approved, we will send you an email with all the information you need to get started.
  • Log into your RoadScout Authorized Reseller panel, copy your unique referral link and use it in your email, facebook, twitter, blogs, and/or web site for any customer that may be interested in RoadScout service.
  • Once a user clicks on your unique link and comes to our website, a sophisticated tracking method is used so we know they came from you. If they order RoadScout service (the order need not be placed during the same browser session...could be days or weeks later), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  • You will earn a competitive commission that is based on the recurring revenue model. Current commissions can be up to 5% per user per month!!
  • You will receive commission checks on a monthly basis based upon the number of users active on the system.

That's it! You send us business, we send you money!

Take advantage of the smartest mobile technologies and expand your service offerings. Earn extra money by helping businesses work smarter.

Ready to join?

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier. You can be referring business our way in as little as 24 hours.

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